First-Time Home Buyers

Don't have money - any money - for a down payment? Need to finance the cost of the home and closing costs? Want to take advantage of local subsidy programs? Western Pacific Loans is the place for first-time home buyers.

More than 40 percent of all the home loans we provide are for first-time home buyers. Why do so many first-timers turn to us? For starters, we take the time to fully explain all their home loan options. We hold their hand through the entire home loan process. Also, we have some of the most first-time-friendly loans found anywhere.

100% Financing. As the name implies, this loan allows you to finance the entire cost of the home with nothing down.

103%LTV. Finance the home, and finance loan-closing costs, up to a total of $334,750! How's that for a starter home?

Working Mortgage. Automatic payments come electronically from your bank account on each of your pay-dates. It's impossible to be late with a payment! Best of all, this payment program can result in faster housing wealth accumulation. As much as $4,000 in five years; $10,000 in 10 years with a $100,000 home loan. You work hard for your money. This loan gets your money to work hard for you.

Local Bond Programs. Many cities and townships have special mortgage programs to stimulate home ownership. Homeowners tend to be the best neighbors. They set down roots, they enhance the neighborhoods, and they support local businesses.

But most lenders won't touch these programs because they're complicated for the lender. Let that be our problem, and your gain. We have local bond and community home buyer experts in every full-service branch office of North American Mortgage Company. Our experts can help you enjoy the benefits of these generous programs.

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